We are a Veteran owned and operated production company specializing in the use of drones. Established in 2014 we provide breathtaking aerial films for a variety of projects. With our military experience flying drones, the discipline, skills, and knowledge we learned will provide you with the best possible product. We are headquartered in the heart of Minneapolis with a studio and crew in New Mexico . We utilize the latest cutting-edge technology, custom built drones and a wide array of cameras to bring you the best possible aerial video. 

Meet the Crew


Mike Welsh

//CEO & Founder

Michael is the visionary behind Sky Candy Studios. Ever since he discovered the awesomeness of putting a camera in the sky he dedicated himself to the art of drone flight. He also has some nice credentials with a Degree in UAV operations and 4 years under his belt flying with the Minnesota National Guard. He also has a nominated film for the NYC Drone Film Festival! Michael loves giving projects a new perspective and creating amazing visuals. Give us a call and let him get something started for you!


Brendan Woolsey

//Head of Operations

Brendan has an extensive background in the UAV field. He has been maintaining and flying UAVs for the past 6 years both as a hobbyist and with the US Army. He brings his skill set to oversee daily operations and uses his expertise to create a safe and professional environment on set.

Mike Molnar.jpeg

Mike Molnar

//UAV Pilot and Aerial Tech

Mike is a FLYSAFE trained and certified UAV pilot and has also completed UAV ground school training. He has an impeccable attention to detail and is one of the best pilots around. Along with being safe he also has the ability to get the perfect shot. His eye in the sky is always right on target.


Stephen Tlougan

//Head of Sales

Stephen is a dedicated sales professional with experience ranging from the front office of an NBA franchise to effective start-up companies. His background in athletics and sports management is credited with the importance he places on the open and concise communication that ensures customer satisfaction. Stephen specializes in relationship building and is fiercely loyal to friends, family and clients alike.


Phyllis Welsh

//Marketing Director

Phyllis is the full package. From anywhere from customer relations to running social media platforms for a fortune 500 company she does it all. She has a passion for media and customer relations.